Synopsis of The Interfaith Open House Event on December 03, 2016

Alhamdulillah the Central Mosque of Charleston (CMC) hosted a successful Interfaith Open House on December 3rd 2016 from 2-4 pm. The event drew more than 150 attendees which allowed for meaningful conversation with the larger Charleston community. It is imperative, perhaps now more than ever, that we build bonds in our community, and we need to do our part towards it.

CMC is very appreciative of the wonderful support, loving messages, emails and personal visits that we received and are still receiving. It is so heartwarming to see that Compassion, Love and Mercy ultimately prevail. We stand with one another and together.

We are thankful to Chief of Police Mr.  Gregory Mullen, who shared encouraging words of support and emphasized the message of strength in diversity and solidarity towards each other. The Central Mosque of Charleston will do their part as well.

Our Guest speaker Imam Eesa Wood, kept the audience engaged and attentive by sharing the Quranic story of Adam (peace be upon him), the history of Islam, introduction to our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and stressing the true and clear message of Islam i.e. worship of the Creator and His mercy to His creation.  Imam Eesa’s thorough and insightful lecture was followed by the Q& A session. The Q&A helped the audience in understanding the religion of Islam better and dispelling the common misconception about the religion of Islam. We concluded the event by sharing choicest ethnic foods and breaking the bread together, this was also the time to meet on an individual basis with the attendees. This event only reaffirmed that we have more in common that our differences. Please see the survey results for the attachment


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