Press Release 02/02/2017 on recent executive order

Press Release 02/02/2017 on recent executive order

The Islamic community of Charleston as represented by the Central Mosque of Charleston (CMC) is concerned and objects to the recent Presidential executive order banning people and refugees from certain countries. This form of discrimination falls against the American values and Islamic values that we hold precious. It is being viewed by all faith leaders as wrong and inconsistent with guidance from God.

We at CMC join all faith based leaders & organizations that promote Peace, Compassion and Justice for all. We are grateful and comforted by the outpouring of support from the low-country and South Carolina community.

  1. Krystina Deren Reply

    I, and so many non-Muslims, are appalled at our new President and his administration’s bigotry toward Muslims everywhere. I’ve visited your mosque and was warmly received and learned more about your faith. Believe that Charleston supports your religious and human rights……we are one together.

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