Synopsis of Inter-faith Meeting on Apr 22, 2017

Alhamdulillah CMC hosted a second successful Open house of the year on Saturday, 04/22/2017, 2-4 pm drawing in attendees of different faith allowing for meaningful conversation with each other. It is imperative, perhaps now more than ever, that we build bonds in our community, and we need to do our part towards it.

We are thankful to our Charleston Mayor Mr. John Tecklenburg and his wife Mrs. Sandy Tecklenburg who graced the occasion with their presence taking out the time from their very busy schedule of the day.  The Mayor shared few words of support and emphasized the message of strength in diversity and solidarity towards each other.

Our Guest speaker Imam Eesa Wood, kept the audience engaged and attentive by sharing the history of Islam, introduction to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and stressing the main message of Islam i.e. Worship of creator and Mercy to Creation.  His thorough and insightful lecture was followed by an engaging Q and A session. The questions ranged from simple day to day routine question to some deep theological questions. The enthusiasm of the audience was very encouraging for us. More so over 50% of our audiences were returning attendees while the other 50% were first time visitors at mosque.

We ended our day by sharing ethnic foods and breaking the bread together getting to know each other on a more individual basis realizing we have much more in common than differences.


Results of some of our surveys that were submitted were as follows


Following are few of the actual responses of the guests as written on Survey

What did the guest found most useful

  1. “ Overview of basic faith”
  2. “ Q and A session was enlightening
  3. “Offered a copy of Quran””
  4. “”Tennent’s of Islam”
  5. “History of Islam”

What was something interesting you learned at the Open House?

  1. “History of Muhammad “(pbuh)
  2. “ Meaning of Mercy in Islam”
  3. “ Views of Islam on Messiah”
  4. “ Sunnis and Shias have similar doctrines”
  5. Historical universality of the prophets.”
  6. Message of acceptance of other religions based on One God.
  7. Learning about the power of mercy in Islam. Also, I was not aware that Jews and Christians were eligible to enter Heaven in Islam”
  8. Muslims perceptions of Jews and Christian”
  9. “Better understanding the line of prophets and that each for told the next.”

Some General Comments

  1. “I very much benefitted from the discussion of how Islam relates to other religions. Include this always”
  2. “It was wonderful!”
  3. “I very much appreciate the hospitality of the Mosque and desire to live together as brothers under one God in submission, also the desire to explain Islam to Christians.
  4. I very much appreciate the gift of the Quran”

Suggestions for future events

  1. I would like to see more educational interfaith events allowing the community to continue learning”
  2. “ Make it more child friendly”
  3. “ Make handouts for power points”
  4. “Discuss how to confront radical Islam”
  5. “Have the option of questions to be written by guests prior to the speaker”

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