CMC DEC. 2014 Iqamah (congregational) Timings

 Please check at Masjid!






        1- 31

6.15 AM 

     12:30 PM


           At sunset

7.00 PM 

Fridays- Jummah at 1.30



 1.30 on fridays  




Timetable on the Right



CMC Membership

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The CMC Membership is open to all local Muslims.
The membership period is one year and begins with the first day of Ramadan and ends the day before the next Ramadan.
Fees are just $5 per year/per person (over 18 years only)
Please fill out the attached form and submit with payment to any one of the following Membership
Amer Mahmood
Mushfiquddin Khan
Mohammed Riyaz
Sami Safa
Our Masjid is a house of Allah and open to ALL muslims and visitors,
Why become a member?

It provides the Masjid with a source of income.
This enables the Masjid to effectively plan and organize activities for the community.
It enables the Masjid to grow according to the needs of the community.
It enables the Masjid to recognize its support base. Masjid activities
should be relevant to the people of the community, be in accordance with their
needs, address their concerns, and enhance their religious knowledge.

What does it take to become a member?

Be a good standing Muslim in the community
Fill the Masjid membership form.
Pay the annual membership fee.
Renew the membership every year.

Membership benefits

Only members can be nominated to become Shura or Board members.
Only members are allowed to vote during CMC elections.
Members automatically become part of the Masjid’s email list and member directory.
Offer financial support for the CMC


Download this file (MembershipFormMay14.doc)CMC Membership Form[CMC Membership Form for Charleston Muslims, revised May 2014]Super User32 kB2014-05-19 08:352014-05-19 08:35

Friday Prayer

Friday Prayer is held at 1:30pm year round. Generally the prayer ends by 2:15pm. All are welcome to walk-in/join in and/or observe!
Parking under the bridge.  Please be considerate to our neighbors. Do not block driveways.  Security will be provided by Charleston Police.

Masjid Dress code: Please remove shoes. Modesty in dress.  Also, Head scarf for Ladies. Recommended reading on Dress Code

Daily Prayer Times

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